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Kent & Staci Hulbert

National Youth Alive Coordinator

Welcome to an introduction of our missionary call to reach the youth of America.  Our passion and mission is that every student would know Jesus. 

In our missionary role, we coordinate everything for Youth Alive® nationally.   We equip, train and resource....

  1. 1.Students to reach other students. 

  2. 2.Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders to disciple students to live life with a mission and support ministry efforts to reach their local schools.

  3. 3.Local Churches to adopt and serve their local schools.

  4. 4.The ever growing team of Youth Alive® Missionaries and Coordinators to fulfill our goal of sharing The Message of Hope, Jesus Christ to Every Student on Every Campus in Every Community!

So get to know us, discover how to join our efforts, and subscribe to our Blog to stay in touch with our latest developments and experiences on our Quest. Enjoy!

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